What started as a humble social experiment snowballed into a Social Movement. It’s called The Empathy Effect. Our goal is to galvanize an Empathy Revolution, not online, but in real space and time.
Empathy Events is the outreach arm of The Empathy Effect, a national nonprofit organization. We believe the key to igniting a Compassion Revolution is to spread empathy everywhere we go, with every step and breath we take. Empathy Events leverages lectures, workshops, art, fashion and experiential learning to infuse more empathy into your life and the world.
Events are local and global, large and small; for people of all ages and backgrounds. Every event is anchored in the belief that empathy must be tied to social action. The #EmpathyPledge is a simple call to action to ensure our pursuit of a better world begins with you.
We believe empathy is infectious. Please don’t just pass it on. Live it. Breathe it. Model it. Be it. #TheEmpathyEffect